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Levi E. Young Levi E. (Edgar) Young

1874 - 1963

  • Born 1874 Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Baptized 1882
  • Received Aaronic Priesthood as a youth
  • Ordained Seventy 1897
  • Mission to Europe 1901-1904
  • Served last two years of mission (1902-1904) as President of Swiss and Austrian Mission
  • Married Valeria Brinton 1907; three children
  • First Council of Seventy 1910-1963
  • Seventh (senior) President of the Seventy 1941-1963
  • Died 1963 Salt Lake City, Utah

    The following biographical sketch is adapted from the L.D.S. Biographical Encyclopedia     Levi Edgar Young, one of the first seven presidents of Seventies, was born Feb. 2, 1874, in Salt Lake City, Utah, the son of Seymour B. Young and Elizabeth Riter. He was baptized in 1882 by Seymour B. Young and soon afterwards ordained to the lesser Priesthood.

    For several years he was prominently identified with educational work in the district and Church schools and also at the University of Utah. He was graduated from that university in 1895. The following two years he was engaged as a teacher in the Lowell school, Salt Lake City. He also taught two years in the L. D. S. College, and later went to the University of Utah, where he became instructor in history for two years.

    After being ordained a Seventy, June 18, 1897, by Seymour B. Young, he filled a mission to Europe in 1901-1904. He presided over the Swiss and Austrian Mission in 1902-1904.

    Soon after his return from Germany, in 1907, he married Valeria Brinton (daughter of Bishop David B. Brinton of Big Cottonwood and Susan Huffaker Brinton), who was born Dec. 13, 1878. This marriage was blessed with three children, Harriet Wollerton, Jane Seymour and Eleanor Brinton.

    After the death of George Reynolds, Bro. Young was chosen and sustained as one of the first seven presidents of Seventies at the general conference held in Salt Lake City in October, 1909. He was set apart to that position Jan. 23, 1910, by Apostle John Henry Smith in New York. As a General Authority he served as a member of the General Board of Y. M. M. I. A. from 1913 to 1929.

    Brother Young was educated in the public schools in Salt Lake City and in 1915 received his B. S. degree from the University of Utah. After that he spent two seasons in Harvard University and one year in Columbia, New York, doing graduate work in history. He held the degree of M. A. from Columbia, and for his doctor's degree in philosophy his theses was the "Economic and social development of Utah under Brigham Young's leadership."

    As an academician he also spent much time in archeological work in Utah. In 1916 he took charge of an exploring expedition in San Juan county, Utah, returning to Salt Lake City July 26, 1916.

    President Young continued his long and valiant service in the Fierst Council of the Seventy until his death December 13, 1963 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the age of eighty-nine. At his death, he had been a General Authority for over fifty years and had been the Seventh (senior) President for twenty-two years..

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