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No picture available. Stephen Winchester

1795 - 1873

  • Born 1795 Vershire, Vermont
  • Married Nancy Case 1816; six children
  • Baptized 1833
  • Member of Zion's Camp 1834
  • Ordained Priest November 1834
  • Called to First Quorum of Seventy 1835
  • Received Temple Ordinances Thursday, December 18, 1845 in Nauvoo Temple
  • Died 1873 Salt Lake City, Utah

This biographical sketch is adapted from the LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Vol. 4, page 692 with additions from other sources.
    Stephen Winchester, a member of Zion's Camp and the First Quorum of the Seventy, was born May 8, 1795, in Vershire, Orange Co., Vermont, a son of Benjamin Winchester and Bethia Adams.

    On July 31, 1816, he was married to Nancy Case by whom he would father six childeren.

    He was baptized in February, 1833, in Erie County, Pennsylvania, and then moved to Kirtland, Ohio, where, in the spring of 1834, he joined Zion's Camp. Brother Winchester acted as captain of a company on the journey to Missouri. After the Camp was disbanded, he returned to Kirtland. According to the Autobiography of Wilford Woodruff Stephen was ordained a Priest November 5, 1834 under the hands of Elder Simeon Carter. In 1837 he removed to Missouri, settling on the prairie south of Far West, where he lived until the saints were expelled in 1839. David W. Patten died at his home after the battle on Crooked River. In 1838 Winchester was taken captive by the mob.

    Elder Winchester shared in the persecutions in Illinois in 1846, and remained at Winter Quarters till 1849, when he came to Utah, settling in Salt Lake City, where he remained until his death, which occurred Jan. 1, 1873.

    Bro. Winchester was a man of industrious habits, excellent character and of firm and unwavering faith in the gospel.

    Elder Winchester is not listed in the Church Almanac as being a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy but is so listed in both the History of the Church and in the History of the Seventy by Joseph Young.

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