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No picture available Salmon Warner

1798 - 1870

  • Born 1798 Huntsburgh, Vermont
  • Married Rebecca Delight Billington 1830; eleven children
  • Baptized in or before 1834
  • Zion's Camp 1834
  • Ordained Seventy and called to First Quorum of the Seventy 1835
  • Died 1870 Willard, Utah

    Salmon Warner was born October 27, 1798 at Huntsburgh, Franklin County, Vermont to Solomon Warner (AFN: BZQK-29) and Lucina Field (AFN: BZQK-3G)

    He was married to Rebecca Delight Billington on November 7, 1830. The couple had eleven children.

    Salmon must have been an early member of the Church and have at least visited Missouri in the early days for by April of 1834, he was called upon to speak at a conference held at Norton, Ohio. From the History of the Church, we read: "Elder Cowdery gave a brief relation of the mobbing in Missouri, and called for a contribution. Elders Ambrose Palmer and Salmon Warner followed on the same subject."

    A few months later Salmon volunteered to join the Prophet Joseph Smith in Zion's Camp, an expedition intended to provide relief to the suffering saints in Zion. Although the immediate sucess of the trek is questionable, certain it is that this corps of stalwarts provided the nucleus of Church leadership for a generation.

    Thus it is not suprising to find that Salmon Warner was called to the First Quorum of the Seventy when it was organized in 1835, thus entering the ranks of the General Authorities. Elder Warner served several missions for the Church, all in the United States.

    Salmon and his family suffered with the other saints during the Nauvoo era and migrated to the west as early Mormon pioneers to Utah.

    Elder Salmon Warner died March 7, 1870 at Willard, Box Elder County, Utah. He is buried in the Willard Pioneer Cemetery at Willard, Box Elder County, Utah.

    Though Grampa Bill has not perused the work, the serious student or researcher is referred to Jones, Daniel R. Salmon Warner: Early Mormon Pioneer. Orem, Utah: D.R. Jones, 1983 for an in depth biography of this man, his family, and his times.

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