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No picture available Harvey Stanley

1814 - ????

  • Born abt. 1814 Kirtland, Ohio(?)
  • Baptized as a young man
  • Zion's Camp 1834
  • Ordained Seventy and called to First Quorum of Seventy 1835
  • Married Larona Eliza Cahoon 1836
  • Died Salt Lake City

    Despite his appearance some nine times in the annals of the Church, we know little about Harvey Stanley. The Ancestral File gives his year of birth as 1814 and the place of birth as Kirtland, Ohio. The Pedigree Resource File disagrees somewhat, giving his year of birth as 1813 and his place of birth as Harpers Field, Ashtabula County, Ohio. Neither record gives his parentage.

    We can discern from the information given that he was introduced to the Church and accepted the Gospel at an early date, for by 1834, he had volunteered to accompany the Prophet Joseph Smith and some two hundred others on Zion's Camp, an expedition intended to provide relief to the saints in Missouri who were suffering at the hands of the mob.

    Returning to Kirtland, Harvey participated in the construction of the Kirtland Temple. He and George Albert Smith drove the first two wagon loads of rock from the quarry to the temple site in 1835. Harvey Stanley must have been quite Temple-minded, for we find him in 1844 having progressed from teamster to master stone-cutter, cutting the final sun-stone for the Nauvoo Temple.

    Perhaps as a result of the valor and faithfulness displayed on Zion's Camp, Harvey was selected to be ordained a Seventy and called to take his place in the newly created First Quorum of the Seventy in 1835, thus entering the ranks of the General Authorities.

    Later in 1835, Elder Stanley served a short mission with Jedediah M. Grant as his companion, and succeeded in establishing a small branch at Sullivan's Island.

    In 1837 Harvey was a signatory to the articles of incorporation for the Kirtland Saftety Society. We may assume that like most others he lost everything he entrusted to the institution. This was particularly bad timing for Elder Stanley for he was a newlywed, having married only a year earlier. On January 17, 1836, the Prophet recorded: "In the afternoon I joined three couple in matrimony, in the public congregation, viz: William F. Cahoon and Maranda Gibbs, Harvey Stanley and Larona [Eliza] Cahoon, Tunis Rapley and Louisa Cutler. We then administered the Sacrament, and dismissed the congregation, which was so large that it was very unpleasant for all. We were then invited to a feast at Elder Cahoon's which was prepared for the occasion, and had a good time while partaking of the rich repast; and I verily realized that it was good for brethren to dwell together in unity, like the dew upon the mountains of Israel, where the Lord commanded blessings, even life forevermore."

    Since Larona Cahoon was a sister of William F. Cahoon, Elder Stanley and Elder Cahoon thus became brothers-in-law.

    The Ancestral File gives Elder Stanley's place of death as Salt Lake City, Utah (No date is given.) which would imply that he remained faithful and trekked westward with the saints after the expulsion from Nauvoo.

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