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Charles William Penrose Charles William Penrose

1832 - 1925

  • Born 1832 London, England
  • Baptized 1850
  • Married Lucetta Stratford, three children
  • Ordained an Apostle and assumed position on Twelve 1904
  • Second Counselor to Joseph F. Smith, 1911-1918
  • Second Counselor to Heber J. Grant, 1918-21
  • First Counselor to Heber J. Grant, 1921-25
  • Died 1925 Salt Lake City, Utah

    Charles W. Penrose, Apostle of the Lord and Counselor to two Presidents of the Church, was born in London, England on February 4, 1832. It is told of him, possibly apocryphally, that he read the scriptures when he was but four years of age!

    On May 14, 1850, at the age of eighteen, Charles was introduced to the Gospel and was baptized, still residing in London. He married Lucetta Stratford and the couple became the parents of three children.

    After fifty-four years of service in numerous callings, he was ordained an Apostle and took his position on the Council of the Twelve on July 7, 1904. Joseph F. Smith called Elder Penrose to be his Second Counselor December 7, 1911 which position he filled with honor and distinction untill the death of President Smith in 1918. Likewise, President Heber J. Grant called him as Second Counselor in 1918. He remained Second Counselor until the death of the First Counselor, Anthon H. Lund. On March 10, 1921 he was called to be President Grant's First Couselor in which position he served until his death in Salt Lake City on March 16, 1925.

    President Penrose wrote a series of tracts which were used in the mission fields of the Church for over half a century. He also penned several hyms, Among them, "God of Our Fathers" and "O Ye Mountains High."

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