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No picture available Daniel S. (Sanborn) Miles

1772 - 1845

  • Born 1772 Sanbornton, New Hampshire
  • Married Electa Chamberlin 1813; five children
  • Baptized 1832
  • Ordained Elder 1836
  • Ordained Seventy and placed in First Quorum of Seventy 1836
  • Set apart as a President of the First Quorum of Seventy 1836
  • Died 1845 Hancock County, Illinois

    Daniel S. Miles was the son of Josiah Miles and Marah Sanborn. He was born 23 July 1772 at Sanbornton, Belknap County, New Hampshire. On September 20, 1813, in Ryegate, Vermont, he married Electa Chamberlin. The Encyclopedia of Mormonism states that he fathered only one child, while the Ancestral File lists five, among them Daniel Sandborn (sic) Miles, with whom he should not be confused.

   Brother Miles was baptized April 1832 by Orson Pratt and Lyman E. Johnson in Bath, New Hampshire. He joined with the Saints in Kirtland, Ohio by 1836. He is first mentioned in the history of Joseph Smith in connection with a Priesthood meeting held in the Kirtland Temple Feb. 24, 1836, at which "Daniel Miles was considered worthy to be ordained to the Priesthood." Two days later he was ordained an Elder by Reuben Hedlock. Later the same year he was ordained a Seventy on 20 December 1836 by Hazen Aldrich and set apart as one of the First Seven Presidents of Seventies on the same day, under the hands of Sidney Rigdon and Hyrum Smith. He seems to have been the first man set apart as a President of the Seventy who did not participate in Zion's Camp.

    In Kirtland, Daniel Miles paid tax on two horses and one cow in 1836. As the winds of apostasy swirled about Kirtland, he removed with his family to Missouri early in 1838, arriving in Far West on 14 March.  Here he represented the Seventies at a solemn meeting held April 6, 1838. Like others he suffered in the Missouri persecutions and was expelled from the state on threat of extermination. After the Mormon expulsion from Missouri, he located in Illinois. He was among the first "Mormon" settlers at Commerce (afterwards Nauvoo), Ill.; and is mentioned in a revelation given through the Prophet Joseph Jan. 19, 1841. (Doc. and Cov. 124: 138.)  though he traveled to Kirtland in November 1839. While in Nauvoo he was named a temporary member of Nauvoo high council, seemingly an unusual calling for a President of the First Quorum of the Seventy.

    Elder Daniel S. Miles died 12 October 1845 at the home of Josiah Butterfield in Hancock County, Illinois. Elder Miles died as a faithful member of the Church. The vacancy occasioned by his death was filled by Benjamin L. Clapp in April, 1845. Pres. Joseph Young, Seventh (senior) President of the Seventy described Elder Miles as "a man of good faith, constant in his attendance at the meetings of the council, until the time of his death, which occurred at quite an advanced stage of his life."

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