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Augusto A. Lim Augusto A. (Alandy) Lim

1934 - living

  • Born 1934 Santa Cruz, Philippines
  • Married Myrna Garcia Morillo 1960; Sealed in Salt Lake Temple 1974; eight children
  • Baptized 1964
  • Branch President, Stake President, Counselor to Mission President, Regional Representative, Temple Sealer
  • President of Philippines Naga Mission 1988-1992
  • Second Quorum of the Seventy 1992-1997

    The first Filipino to serve as a General Authority, Elder Augusto A. Lim witnessed near miraculous growth of the Church in the Philippines since his baptism in 1964. When he joined the Church, there were two branches in metropolitan Manila. By the early 1990s, the missionaries to the Philippines were baptizing new members at a rate of nearly a stake each month.

    Augusto Alandy Lim was born in Santa Cruz, Marinduque, Philippines on May 4, 1934 to Leon B. Lim and Beatriz R. Alandy Lime. He was the first-born of their seven children. Speaking of his parents to a reporter from the Church News (August 15, 1992), he said, "I had a good childhood that I am really happy to look back on. I had goodly parents. My parents were not members of the Church, but they really brought us up in an LDS home."

    The young Augusto attended school in the Philippines, earning an Associate of Arts degree in 1952 from Silliman University at Damaguete City. Then he was awarded the Bachelor of Law degree from the same university in 1956. With his degree in hand, Augusto A. Lim pursued a career in law. His multi-faceted career has seen him as an assistant in a law firm, as a trial attorney for the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Philippines, as a teacher at the University of the East in Manila, and as a partner in a law firm before founding and becoming managing partner of his own firm. He has served as counsel for a mining group, and for the Church in the Philippines. His career might have been even more noteworthy had he not resigned from several prestigious positions as their demands on his time interfered with his responsibilities to Church and family.

    Not yet a member of the Church, Augusto married Myrna Garcia Morillo on August 27, 1960 in Manila. They would have eight children. The couple and their children were sealed together for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple on April 6, 1974. Although most parents are proud of their children, Elder Lim and his wife are especially proud of their daughters who rejected the courtship of wealthy and influential suitors and married returned missionaries instead.

    Nearly four years after their marriage, Augusto Lim and Myrna were tracted out by the missionaries in January 1964. He was somewhat aware of the Church, having read of George Romney, automotive executive and governor of Michigan, and also having read some western novels in which Mormons played prominent roles. "I had been curious of the Mormon people for some time," he said. Earlier doubts of his own religion came into play as he was taught doctrines that he had already believed. He had already concluded that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ were two separate beings, for example. And he had no dificulty seeing the need for living prophets. Still, it was hard for him to accept Joseph Smith as a prophet.

    For nine months, the missionaries persevered. And still the Lims held back. Finally, feeling that the missionaries were tiring of teaching him, Augusto determined to read the Book of Mormon and truly try Moroni's promise. "I started to love the book," he said. "As I read more, I gained a testimony." Elder Lim was baptized in October 1964. His wife, Myrna, followed him into the waters of baptism a month later.

    Some two months later, while helping to build the first meetinghouse in the Philippines, a missionary, perhaps speaking a prophetic utterance, or perhaps from youthful exuberance, predicted a time when many chapels would dot Manila. Though doubtful at the time, Elder Lim witnessed the literal fulfillment of that prophesy.

    Elder Lim's entrance into Church service was less than noteworthy. Though an attorney by profession, and presumably used to public discourse, Elder Lim had dificulty when asked to give public prayers and talk. He even feared visiting the saints as part of his home teaching assignments, calling the assignment "frightful." He fulfilled these assignments with valor, nonetheless, and began to receive calls of increasing responsibility. Since his baptism, Elder Lim has served as a couselor in a branch presidency, branch president (five times) counselor in a district presidency, counselor in a mission presidency, stake Sunday School President, Stake President (three times) and as President of the Philippines Naga Mission. Still the Lord had More for Elder Lim.

    In July of 1992, Elder Lim was ordained a Seventy and became a General Authority, called for a five-year term into the Second Quorum of the Seventy. He fulilled that calling as he has all the others the Lord has sent his way, with dedication and distinction. Elder Lim completed the term of his call and was honorably released on October 4, 1997.

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