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A. W. Ivins A. (Anthony) W. (Woodward) Ivins

1852 - 1934

  • Born 1852 Toms River, New Jersey
  • Baptized as a child
  • Missions to Mexico, Arizona, and New Mexico
  • Married Elizabeth Ashby Snow 1878; nine children
  • Ordained Apostle and member of the Twelve 1907-1921
  • Second Counselor in First Presidency 1921-1925
  • First Counselor in First Presidency 1925-1934
  • Died 1934 Salt Lake City, Utah

    Anthony W. Ivins was born September 16, 1852 at Tom's River, New Jersey to Israel Ivins and Anna Lowrie. By the age of nine, he was residing in Salt Lake city with his parents and siblings. He wrote of the family's call to move to Saint George in the Dixie Region of Utah.

    "In the fall of 1861, the writer passed his ninth birthday. He resided, at the time, with his parents, in the Fifteenth Ward, Salt Lake City....

    One afternoon in October, 1861, the writer was at the home of John M. Moody, playing with other children, when a messenger came with the announcement that the Moody family had been called by the presiding authorities of the Church, to go to Dixie to raise cotton and develop the resources of that part of the territory. Frightened by the thought of [his friends making] such a move, he ran through the block to the home of his parents, and bursting into the house exclaimed to his mother and sister, who were in the room, "Brother Moody is called to go to Dixie."

    "So are we," said his sister, between sobs.

    His mother said nothing, but tears filled her eye as she thought of leaving a good home and comfortable surroundings, and of facing the hardships and dangers of frontier life, in the barren country known as Utah's Dixie.

    Several hundred families had been so called to go upon this mission. It was the manner in which the affairs of the Church were conducted, at that time....

    Some offered excuses. Some were too poor to go, some were too rich ... but the great majority, with that devotion which has characterized the members of the Church from the beginning, silently but resolutely made preparations for the accomplishment of the task assigned them.

    Valuable homes were disposed of for but a small part of their real value. Farms were exchanged for teams or livestock which could be driven through to their destination; and the late fall and early winter of 1861 found hundreds of teams on the rough and dreary road to the South."

    As an adult he became active in political and community affairs, serving as a constable, city councilor, city attorney, and mayor in St. George, Utah, and county prosecuting attorney, tax assessor and collector for Washington County, and as Representative to the State Legislature.

    On November 9, 1878, Anthony was married to Elizabeth Ashby Snow. The Ancestral File lists nine children of this union including Antoine Ridgeway Ivins who became a General Authority in his own right.

    In his spare time, he managed to serve missions to Mexico, Arizona, and New Mexico (living among the Navajo and Pueblo)

    Elder Ivins was ordained to the Holy Apostleship October 6, 1907 by President Joseph F. Smith. Then on March 10, 1921, at the age of 68, he was called to be Second Counselor to President Heber J. Grant. On March 28, 1925, following the death of Charles W. Penrose, he was called as First Counselor.

   He died September 23, 1934, at Salt Lake City.

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