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Rufus K. Hardy Rufus K. (Kay) Hardy

1878 - 1945
  • Born 1878 Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Baptized 1886
  • Received Aaronic Priesthood as a youth
  • Ordained Elder 1897
  • Ordained Seventy 1897
  • Mission to New Zealand 1897-1901
  • Married Adelaide Underwood Eldredge 1903; one daughter
  • President of New Zealand Mission 1907-1909
  • President of New Zealand Mission for second time 1933-1934
  • First Council of the Seventy 1935-1945
  • Died 1945 Salt Lake City, Utah

    This biographical sketch is adapted from the LDS Biographical Encyclopedia and other sources.
    Rufus Kay Hardy, one of the first Seven Presidents of Seventy, was born May 28, 1878, in Salt Lake City, the son of Rufus H. Hardy and Annie Kay.

    From his childhood he was trained to take an active part in Church affairs and was baptized, June 1, 1886, by John Cottam. Continuing his labors in the Church, he was ordained successively to the offices of Deacon, Teacher and Priest, and was ordained an Elder May 3, 1897, by Elder Joseph Barnes.

    He was ordained a Seventy July 2, 1897, by Apostle John Henry Smith and set apart for a mission to New Zealand. Arriving in Auckland, N. Z., August 9, 1897, he was assigned to labor in the Tauranga District and was later transferred to the Waikato District. He returned from this mission Jan. 1, 1901.

    On May 3, 1906, he was set apart as one of the presidents of the 8th Quorum of Seventy by J. Golden Kimball.

    On April 2, 1903, he married Adelaide Underwood Eldredge, daughter of Joshua Eldredge and Lizzie Winder, and early in 1907 was called to preside over the New Zealand Mission. To this position he was set apart Feb. 18, 1907 by Pres. Joseph F. Smith; his wife, who accompanied him, was set apart on the same occasion by Pres. John R. Winder. Bro. and Sister Hardy returned from this mission in July, 1909.

    After returning to the United States Elder Hardy continued to reside in Salt Lake City, actively engaged in Church work and in a civil capacity holding the position of supervisor of the Inter mountain District for the Western States Life Insurance Company, being associated with this company for a period of twenty-two years.

    In 1933, Elder Hardy was a second time called to preside over the New Zealand Mission, being set apart for this position June 20, 1933, by Pres. A. W. Ivins. His wife did not accompany him this time.

    At a conference held in Salt Lake City, Oct. 6, 1934, Elder Hardy was sustained as one of the First Seven Presidents of Seventy and on that account was released from his labors in the New Zealand Mission and, arriving home Dec. 5, 1934, was set apart to his position in the First Council of Seventy, Feb. 7, 1935, by President Heber J. Grant.

    His wife, Sister Adelaide Eldredge Hardy, formerly a member of the Salt Lake Stake Board of Y. L. M. I. A., was set apart as a member of the General Board of Primary Associations. One daughter was born to Bro. and Sister Hardy, namely Kay, who married Alan B. Blood. Sister Kay Hardy Blood, President Hardy's only child passed away April 3, 2000. Since her obituary lists no surviving posterity, it is believed that Elder Hardy has no living descendants.

    President Hardy had a good physique and a pleasing personality. His stand on what he believes to be right was unswerving, but in personal matters he was always willing to sacrifice his own desires for the benefit of others.

    President Hardy served in the First Council of the Seventy until his death on March 7, 1945 in Salt Lake City, Utah

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