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No picture available. Jesse Gause

1784 - 1836

  • Born about 1784 East Marlborough, Virginia
  • Married Martha Cuntry; five children
  • Baptized 1831
  • Counselor to The Prophet Joseph, 1832
  • Excommunicated 1832; Never returned.
  • Died about 1836

    Jesse Gause was born about 1784 in East Marlborough, Virginia, the son of William Gause and Mary Beverly Gause. He was active as a Quaker and served as an official in that sect. Resigned from the Quakers and associated himself with the Shakers before 1830.

    He married Martha Cuntry and the couple had five known children

    It was while a practicing Shaker that he was taught by the Elders. He was baptized October 22, 1831. He was ordained a High Priest on or before March 8, 1832 and a Revelation dated March 15, 1832 confirmed the appointment and his call with Sidney Rigdon to serve as counselors in the Presidency of the High Priesthood to Joseph Smith.

    He was called to serve a Mission to Pennsylvania in August of 1832 with Zebedee Coltrin. However he and Coltrin parted company about the nineteenth of August and he neither returned to the Church nor continued his mission. Having proved unfaithful, he was excommunicated December 3, 1832.

    Jesse might have become a leading figure of early Church history. Instead he fell unobtrusively away and was not heard of again. He is believed to have died about 1836. In his behalf, it may be stated that he is not known to have opposed by word or deed either the Church or the Prophet.

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