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Christian D. Fjelsted Christian D. (Daniel) Fjelsted

1829 - 1905

  • Born 1829 Sundbyvester, Denmark
  • Married Karen Olsen 1849; five children
  • Baptized 1852
  • Ordained to Aaronic Priesthood shortly after baptism.
  • Ordained Elder 1853
  • Ordained Seventy 1859
  • Married Johanne Maria Christensen 1859; four children
  • Married Catrina Marie Christensen 1865; no children
  • Mission to Scandinavia 1867-1870
  • Married Josephine Margarethe Larsen 1871; six children
  • First Council of the Seventy 1884-1905
  • Second Mission to Scandinavia 1886-1888
  • President of Scandinavian Mission 1888-1890
  • Third Mission to Scandinavia 1901-1905
  • Died 1905 Salt Lake City, Utah

    Christian Daniel Fjelsted or Fjeldsted, one of the First Seven Presidents of Seventies from 1884 to 1905, was born Feb. 20, 1829, in Sundbyvester, a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark. His parents, Henrik Or Henry Ludvig FJELDSTED (AFN: 8D4N-7G) and Ane Katherine HENRIKSEN (AFN: 8D4N-B0) moved in the humbler walks of life, and belonged to the respectable working class. Thus the subject of this sketch was taught early in life to work for a livelihood, and he learned the trade of a moulder. After the death of his father, he was obliged, though only ten years old, to do all he could toward supporting his mother.

    At the age of twenty he married a wife, Karen Olsen by whom he would father five children and in 1851 he first heard the glorious truths of the gospel preached; for it had been brought to Denmark the year before through the instrumentality of Apostle Erastus Snow and his fellow-missionaries. Brother Fjeldsted believed and was baptized, together with his young wife, on February 20, 1852, by Christian Samuel Hansen, and confirmed by Ole N. C. Monster.

    Soon afterwards Brother Fjeldsted began to preach and bear testimony to his fellow-workmen, as he felt anxious that they should enjoy the same blessings that he had become a partaker of. As soon as his employer heard of this he dismissed him from his service one cold winter day, which virtually meant that he was turned into the street without a penny for the support of himself and family. After a short time, however, he obtained other employment.

    Not long after his baptism he was ordained to the Priesthood and appointed to preside over a district on the island of Amager; he then held weekly meetings in his home. On Sundays he usually performed missionary work in the neighboring towns and villages. On July 25, 1853, he was ordained an Elder by Peter O. Hansen, and in the fall of 1855 he was called to labor as a traveling Elder in the Copenhagen conference. After working in that capacity for about one year he was appointed to preside over the Aalborg conference. In this calling he was signally blessed, and hundreds of people identified themselves with the Church during his two years' presidency.

    In 1858 he emigrated with his family to Utah, arriving in Salt Lake City in October of that year. He made his home in the Sugar House Ward, where he took an active part in Church affairs, and also performed much hard manual labor in order to support himself and family. He was ordained a Seventy, Feb. 5, 1859, by Elder William H. Walker.

    On July 3, 1859 Elder Fjelsted entered into the practice of plural marriage by taking   Johanne Maria CHRISTENSEN (AFN:36ZJ-T1) to wife. She would present him with four children. On May 13, 1865 he took as his third wife, Johanne Maria's sister,Catrina Marie CHRISTENSEN (AFN:8D4S-CP). The couple had no children of record.

    In 1867, he was called on a mission to Scandinavia. Accompanied by other Elders he crossed the plains in an ox train, and reached Copenhagen, Denmark, after eight weeks' travel. During the first year of his mission he presided over the Aalborg conference; later he labored as a traveling Elder in the Scandinavian mission, and finally was appointed to take charge of the Christiania conference, Norway. Being honorably released, he returned home in 1870.

    On September 4, 1871, Elder Fjelsted took as his fourth and final wife, Josephine Margarethe LARSEN (AFN: 1XLX-SS). The couple had six children.

    The next year 1872 he was called to labor as a missionary among the Scandinavian Saints in the northern counties of Utah, and he located at Logan, Cache County. In 1881 he was called by Pres. John Taylor to take another mission to Scandinavia, this time to preside over the mission. He occupied this position about two years and a half.

    After his return home in 1884, he was ordained one of the First Seven Presidents of Seventies by Pres. Wilford Woodruff. This ordination took place April 28, 1884. In 1886 he was called on another mission to Scandinavia, when he labored as a traveling Elder in the Scandinavian mission for two years, and then succeeded Elder Nils C. Flygare, in the presidency of the mission. After an absence of four years he returned to his mountain home in 1890, and resumed his labors among the Seventies.

    In the spring of 1897 he was called on a special mission to Chicago, where he assisted in the raising up of a branch of the Church, consisting largely of Scandinavians. He returned to Utah in the fall of the same year. In the beginning of April, 1901, he left his home on still another mission to Scandinavia. Pres. Fjeldsted was universally loved and respected by all who knew him. Especially is this the case with the Scandinavian Saints, in whose interest he has devoted nearly his entire life. His affable manner and pleasant, genial nature has paved his way to the hearts of the people, both Saints and strangers.

    He assisted President Anthon L. Skanchy in selecting a site for the building of a new meeting house in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was present when that edifice was dedicated July 4, 1902. He was also present when a new mission house was dedicated in Christiania, Norway, July 24, 1903, and was in Stockholm, Sweden, Oct. 23, 1904, when a mission house recently purchased by the Church and partly reconstructed in that city was dedicated. After that Bro. Fieldsted was placed in charge of the Scandinavian Mission, succeeding Anthon L. Skanchy in that position Dec. 6, 1904. He presided until July, 1905, when he was succeeded by Jens M. Christensen, and returned to Utah.

    Soon after his return home, Elder Fjeldsted's health began to fail, and he died in Salt Lake City Dec. 23, 1905, after an operation. At the time of his demise he was one of the veteran members of the Church, having been converted to the restored gospel soon after the arrival of the first Latter-day Saint Elders in Scandinavia.

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