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No picture available. Edmund Fisher

1808 - ?

  • Born about 1808
  • Baptized in or before 1834
  • Zion's Camp 1834
  • Ordained a Seventy and called to First Quorum of Seventy 1835
  • Ordained High Priest 1840
  • Apostatized and Associated with Cutlerites 1850

   We know little of Edmund Fisher's birth, neither the date, place, nor parentage. Later Temple Work done for him gives his birth as about 1808. We do know that he was an early convert to the Church for he was a veteran of Zion's Camp in 1834, the expedition from Kirtland, Ohio to relieve the suffering saints in Missouri.

    A year later, he was ordained a Seventy and called to the First Council of the Seventy.

    At some point he migrated to Missouri to join with the Saints in Zion. Like other Missouri Saints he was driven from the state and petitioned for redress. The following is a copy of his petition. (Spelling as in the original)

Charges against Missouri.
1st for preventing my going into and Settleing in Jackson Co without jeopardiseing my life after Comeing one thousand miles for that express purpose, Mo. Dr.
for the above   $500.00
2d for preventing my going into Clay Co. and Settleing therein after moveing my Family one thousand miles for that express purpose being stopped by an armed force of about one hundred men Mo. Dr for the above.  1,000.00
3d for time lost by guarding against Mobs and otherwise occasioned by the Militia, about Seven months Mo. Dr. for the above     140.00
4th for one Rifle and one Mo. Dr.       15.00
5th for one Cow Mo. Dr for the above.       25.00
6th Mo. Dr. for one hog         3.00
7th for moveing from the state under Gov. Boggs exterminateing
orders, Mo. Dr for the above  1,000.00
8th for injury done to the sale of property Mo. Dr for the above     250.00
9th for Slander and false imprisonment too great for me to say I therefore leave it for the Court to which this may Come
Missouri Dr to Edmund Fisher for all the above named Damages $2933.00
besides Slander and false imprisonment and several other abuses

    After leaving Missouri Edmund Fisher settled in Nauvoo and associated with the leaders of the Church. He served for a time as a bodyguard to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Later he was appointed an agent "to collect donations and tithings for the Temple in the city of Nauvoo." In 1840 he was ordained a High Priest.

    After the martyrdom of the Prophet, Edmund Fisher joined the general exodus of the Church heading westward. However he stopped in Iowa. He associated himself with the loathsome apostate Alpheus Cutler who exercised "an influence against the migration to the Valley and for advocating the building of a temple, etc. At a general conference held in Salt Lake City, in 1850, Father Alpheus Cutler, as he was generally called, was excommunicated from the Church. After that he organized a church of his own.

    According to the statement of Bishop Abraham A. Kimball, Alpheus Cutler changed his residence from Pottawattomie county to Manti, Fremont county, Iowa, where he organized a church and constituted himself as its leader, calling it "The true Church of Latter-day Saints," and presumed to officiate in the ordinances of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, such as baptisms, endowments, etc. He also energetically denounced plural marriage and the law of tithing, and taught his followers that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God, but that Brigham Young was not his successor, but an impostor and that he (Alpheus Cutler) was the true leader and held the authority to carry on the Latter-day work.

    This pretended "true church" was organized with Alpheus Cutler as president, Edmund Fisher as first, and Chauncey Whiting as second counselor, and Grandfather Fisher as patriarch."

    We do not find records of his excommunication but since Alpheus Cutler was cut off from the Church, it seems very likely that Edmund Fisher was also. We find no records of his later life and death. And while his redress petition mentions his family, we find no other record of them.

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