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Keith Crockett Keith Crockett

1934 - living
  • Born 1934 Pima, Arizona
  • Baptized as a child; Aaronic Priesthood as a youth, Melchizedek Priesthood as a young man
  • Mission to Uruguay
  • Married Kathleen McBride 1957, Mesa Arizona Temple; six children
  • Bishop, High Councilor, Stake President, Temple Ordinance Worker
  • President of Buenos Aries South Mission 1993-1996
  • Second Quorum of Seventy 2000-2004
  • Released from Second Quorum 2004

    After a thirty-four year career bringing the Gospel to the students of Arizona as an employee of the Church Education System, Elder Keith Crockett's area of responsibility was expanded to cover the entire world when he was called as a General Authority serving in the Second Quorum of the Seventy.

    Keith Crockett was born to Wilford W. Crockett, III and his wife Jacy Boggs on January 15, 1934 in Pima, Arizona. The small community began as a Latter-day Saint settlement as Mormon pioneers swept across the southwest in obedience to Brigham Young's challenge to make the desert bloom as a rose. Over the years the Gila Valley has exported many products from its mines, its ranches, and its farms. But more impotant by far are the leaders it has given the Church. These include Spencer W. Kimball, Henry Eyring, and later Elder Keith Crockett. Keith Crockett was born to strong LDS members, his father serving in the Bishopric. Keith was baptized as a child and received the Aaronic Priesthood as a youth. He attended seminary while a high school student and was, in fact, the first graduate in Gila Valley. After receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood, Keith Crockett accepted a call to the mission field and served as a full-time missionary to Uruguay.

    After returning from his mission, Keith attended the University of Arizona where he earned first a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and later a Master's Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. He then went to Graduate School in Northern Arizona University where he was awarded the degree of Specialist in Education in Administration and Supervision. The Specialist is a degree used in Education which lies between the Masters and the Doctorate.

    This was a time of growth for Keith in other matters also. Shortly after returning from his mission, Keith met Kathleen McBride. A courtship ensued, resulting in a marriage solemnized September 5, 1957 at the Mesa Arizona Temple. They would later have six children, and at the time of his call to the Second Quorum, twenty-two grandchildren.

    With a new degree and a growing family, Keith began his career, accepting first a position teaching music at the Pima High School. But remembering his days as a seminary student, when offered a position with the Church as a seminary teacher, Keith left public education. Thus began a thirty-four year career in Church Education which would end in 1993 when he accepted a call to return to the mission field as President of the Buenos Aires South Mission.

    While his professional career with the Church was progressing, so was his tenure in the ecclesiastical side. Over the years, he served as a bishop, a stake high councilor, a stake president, and temple ordinance worker. He was serving as ward executive secretary at the time of his ordination to the office as a Seventy and his five-year call to the Second Quorum of the Seventy. In October 2004, Elder Crockett, having filled the term of his call with distinction, was released and given a vote of thanks by the Church in General Conference assembled.

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