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No picture available. Harrison Burgess 

1814 - 1883
  • Born 1814 Putnam, New York
  • Baptized as a young man
  • Zions Camp 1834
  • Ordained Seventy and called to First Quorum of Seventy 1835
  • Married Sophia Minerva Foster 1835; later practiced plural marriage
  • Trekked west with saints
  • Died 1883 Pine Valley, Utah

    Harrison Burgess, a member of Zion's Camp, and later the First Quorum of the Seventy was born Sept. 3, 1814, in Putnam, Washington Co., N.Y., a son of William Burgess and Vilate Stockwell. Grampa should note here that the Ancestral File gives a middle name of Joseph and a birthplace of "Putman, Washington, Nc." Grampa belives New York to be the correct state.

    He was baptized Oct. 1, 1832, and filled a mission to Vermont only a year later in 1833. He must have been fully converted for a year after that he went to Missouri with Zion's Camp in 1834.

    He was ordained a Seventy Feb. 28, 1835, by Sidney Rigdon. Later the same year he was married to Sophia Minerva Foster. She would be the first of his three wives. Later still, he filled a mission to England before coming west to the Great Basin.

    In 1862 he was called to the Southern Utah Mission and settled in Pine Valley. There he acted as a counselor to Bishop Wm. Snow, and after the death of Bishop Snow, served as Bishop for a short time. He died Feb. 10, 1883, in Pine Valley, Utah.

    For a far more complete record of this important Mormon pioneer, read his own autobiography, to be found at Harrison Burgess

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