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No picture available. Hiram Blackman

1804 - 1895
  • Born 1804 Columbus, New York
  • Married Clarissa Darrow 1824; seven children
  • Baptized by 1835
  • Ordained Seventy and called to First Quorum of Seventy 1835
  • Called as Senior President of Twentieth Quorum of Seventy 1845
  • Died 1895 LaPorte County, Indiana

    Very little is known of Hiram Blackman. His name appears only once in the History of the Church, when he was called to the First Quorum of the Seventy. But he does not appear in any of the several listings of the veterans of Zions Camp from among whom the First Quorum was called.

    Did he participate in Zions Camp and his name was omitted? Or was he selected for the First Quorum because of other qualities and talents despite not having served in Zions Camp? We simply do not know.

    Grampa Bill is indebted to Mama Denise (just net handles, no known relation) for setting him on the genealogical trail of Elder Blackman. None of the three Hiram Blackmans appearing in the Ancestral File during the time period of his birth have adequate information to identify them as the man we seek. However, the Myhre Osborn Family Web Site shows a Hiram Blackman who had two children who were born in Nauvoo, Illinois, and another child named Newell Whitney Blackman, Newell K. Whitney being, of course, the second First Bishop of the Church. This is undoubtedly our man.

    Hiram Blackman was born June 15, 1804 in Columbus, Chenago Couty, New York to Josiah Blackman and Tryphena Smith. By 1824 he seems to have settled in Ohio, and there married Clarissa Darrow on November 1824. The couple gave birth to seven children, numbers two through five being born in Erie County, Ohio, between 1828 and 1838, which obviously was the couple's home at the time. It will also be remembered that the Church had settled at Kirtland Ohio in nearby Lake County starting with the Prophet's arrival there in 1831.

    In whatsoever manner Hiram Blackman was introduced to the Church, he seems to have accepted the Gospel by 1835, for in that year he was ordained a Seventy and joined the ranks of the General Authorities by his membership in the First Quorum of the Seventy. By 1841, the family had relocated to Nauvoo, Illinois where his last two children were born. There is no indication that the Hiram Blackman family ever settled in Missouri, thus they might have escaped the horrible persecutions of that time.

    Later, as the First Quorum was disbanded, Hiram was called as the Seventh (Senior) President of the Twentieth Quorum in 1845, that quorum being organized at Morley's Settlement, Hancock County, Illinois. At this point Hiram disappears from the annals of Church history.

    The aforementioned web site gives his death as February 5, 1895 at LaPorte County, Indiana. Since his wife and some of his children also died there, we assume the family had settled there. We do not know why the Blackmans did not join the saints on the trek west. We do note, however, that numerous folks have submitted his name for temple work.

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