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Henry Benner. Henry Benner

1800 - 1880
  • Born 1800 Venango County, Pennsylvania
  • Baptized by 1834
  • Zions Camp 1834
  • Ordained Seventy and called to First Quorum of Seventy 1835
  • Suffered losses in Missouri Persecutions
  • Died 1880 Thurman, Iowa

    Grampa Bill had been able to find but very little of Henry Benner. His name appears in the History of the Church only twice... once in a listing of those who participated in Zion's Camp and again in a listing of those called to the original First Quorum of the Seventy.

    Then wrote Brother David Forney, direct descendent of Henry Benner's older sister, Mary M Benner who married Johann Karl Forney. David was able to confirm some of what had been supposition, and add useful and interesting tidbits to the life of Elder Benner.

    We find Henry in the Ancestral File, and learn that he was born May 18, 1800 in Venango County, Pennsylvania, to Daniel Benner and Katerine Ettleman, the date being confirmed by his tombstone from the Thurmon, Iowa Cemetery. (Photo courtesy Brother Forney)

    Henry Benner first married about 1825 Sophia Underwood, by whom he had two children. Upon her death, Henry remarried about 1835 to Susan Ettleman and they had eight children.

    Henry was a younger brother of Elias Benner. Both served in Zion's Camp. Elias became one of the early martyrs of the Church a few years later, being killed by a murderous mob in the Haun's Mill Massacre.

    Henry and Elias Benner were early converts to the Church, for by 1834 they were volunteers in Zions Camp, the excursion to provide relief to the suffering Saints in Missouri. We may assume that following Zion's Camp he returned to the Kirtland area. But even if so, he must have returned to Missouri, for we find Henry Benner among those who filed redress petitions seeking reimbursement from the government for the losses suffered during the Missouri persecutions. Henry Benner summed his losses at $550.00.

    In 1835 Henry was ordained a Seventy and called as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. He died June 4, 1880 in Thurman, Iowa after having married Susan Ettleman, and fathering a numerous posterity.

    Grampa Bill is indebted to Brother Spencer Kendall for providing the picture of Elder Benner.

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