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1797 - ?
  • Born 1797 Grafton County, New Hampsire
  • Baptized 1832
  • Ordained Elder 1832
  • Mission to Ohio 1832
  • Ordained High Priest 1833
  • Zion's Camp 1834
  • Ordained Seventy 1835
  • Named Member of First Quorum of Seventy and Presidency thereof 1835
  • Returned to High Priest's Quorum November 1835
  • Apostatized 1837-38; affiliated with Strangites and Brewsterites

Hazel Aldrich, was born in Grafton County, New Hampshire on January 10, 1797 to Andrew H. Aldrich and wife Annes. He was an early convert to the Church, being baptized in 1832 by the Missionary Companionship of Orson Pratt and Lyman Johnson. He was ordained an Elder by Pratt July 4, 1832. On November of that year he began a missionary journey to Ohio, On June 8, 1833 Orson Pratt ordained Hazen Aldrich a High Priest. He was the first missionary to serve in what is now the province of Quebec, baptizing eleven people there in 1836. In 1834 he participated in the Zion's Camp expedition to succor the suffering saints in Zion. As a member of Zion's Camp he marched to Missouri and back.

   As a result of his participation in Zion's Camp he was selected to be one of the First Seven Presidents of Seventies from 1835-37.

He was ordained a Seventy under the hands of Joseph Smith and others, Feb. 28, 1835, at Kirtland, Ohio; and when the first quorum of Seventy was fully organized soon afterwards, Bro. Aldrich was set apart as one of the seven presidents of the same.

Some of the High Priests and a number of the Seventies introduced a question as to which was the greatest among them, the Seventies or the High Priests. Their discussions increased with so much warmth that it amounted to jealousy, and at length it attracted the attention of Joseph the Prophet, who called a council in November, 1835, to decide the question. At this meeting the Prophet asked the newly-organized quorum, if any of their number had been ordained High Priests, previous to their ordination as Seventies.

Five out of the seven presidents, namely Hazen Aldrich, Leonard Rich, Zebedee Coltrin, Lyman Sherman and Sylvester Smith, acknowledged that they were High Priests before they were ordained Seventies. Accordingly, the Prophet invited them to take their places in the High Priests' quorum again, which was complied with. This left only Joseph Young and Levi W. Hancock in the original council of Seventies. John Gould replaced Hazen Aldrich as a President of the Seventy.

Owing to these changes, Hazen Aldrich's connection with the Seventies in a quorum capacity ceased April 6, 1837. During the great apostasy in Kirtland in 1837 and 1838, Hazen Aldrich was numbered among those who rebelled against the legitimate authorities of the Church, and became an apostate. At one point he appears to have supported the claims of the vile apostate James J. Strang and his Strangites. Subsequently he joined the Brewsterites and published a paper at Kirtland called "The Olive Branch," of which the first number was dated August, 1848. He became a leading man among the Brewsterites, and finally emigrated to California, where he is supposed to have died.

Grampa Bill notes from the International Genealogical Index (IGI) that someone has performed Temple Ordinance work for Hazen Aldrich in 1977 in the Washington DC Temple. Whether the patron obtained clearance for this work from the Brethren, the Grampa neither knows, nor doth he speculate.

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