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Seventy's Hall, Nauvoo, Illinois
Seventy's Hall, Nauvoo, Illinois
The Presidency of the Seventy

    On October 1, 1976, the members of the First Council of the Seventy and the Assistants to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were released and added to the newly reestablished First Quorum of the Seventy. A new presidency of the First Quorum of the Seventy was sustained. For the first time since the days of Nauvoo, a fully functioning First Quorum of Seventy was established and operational. This page lists the Presidency of the Seventy. These men Preside over all quorums of Seventy of which there are currently seven. Members of the First Quorum of Seventy are called until factors of age or health mandate that they be conferred an Emeritus status, typically at age 70. Members of the Second Quorum of Seventy are generally called to serve five to ten year terms at which point they are released. Members of both the First and Second Quorums are General Authorities. Members of the other quorums serve as Area Seventies. The Presidency of the Seventy are also members of either the First Quorum of the Seventy or the Second Quorum of the Seventy, and a release from the Presidency does not remove them from the Quorum.
    The Seventy are not sustained as Prophets, Seers, and Revelators.


Franklin Dewey Richards (1976-1983)
James Edras Faust (1976-1978)
John Thomas Fyans (1976-1985)
Albert Theodore Tuttle (1976-1980)
Neal Ash Maxwell (1976-1981)
Marion Duff Hanks (1976-1980, 1984-1992)
Paul Harold Dunn (1976-1980)
William Grant Bangerter (1978-1980, 1985-1989)
Carlos Egan Asay (1980-1986, 1989-1996)
Melvin Russell Ballard, Jr., (1980-1985)
Dean LeRoy Larsen (1980-1993)
Royden Glade Derrick (1980-1984)
George Homer Durham (1981-1985)
Richard G. Scott (1983-1988)
Jack H. Goasland, Jr. (1985-1987, 1995-1998)
Robert LeGrand Backman (1985-1992)
Joseph Bitner Withlin (1986-1986)
Hugh Wallace Pinnock (1986-1989)
James Martin Paramore 1987-1993)
John Richard Clark (1988-1997)
Joe Junior Christensen (1989-1999)
Rex Dee Pinegar (1989-1995)
Charles Amand Andre Didier (1992-1995)
Lloyd Aldin Porter (1992-2001)
Monte James Brough (1993-1998)
Warren Eugene Hansen (1993-1998)
Harold Gordon Hillam (1995-2000)
Earl Carr Tingey (1996-2008)
David Todd Christofferson (1998-2008)
Marlin Keith Jensen (1998-2001)
David Eugene Sorensen (1998-2005)
Ben B. Banks, (1999-2002)
Dennis B. Neuenschwander, (2000-2004)
Charles Armand Andre Didier, (2001-2007)
Cecil O. Samuelson, Jr., (2001-2003)
Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Jr., (2002-2004)
Merrill J. Bateman, (2003-2007)
John H. Groberg, (2004-2005)
Robert C. Oaks, (2004-2007)
Neil L. Andersen, (2005-2008)
Ronald A. Rasband, (2005-present)
Quentin L. Cook, (2007-2007)
Claudio R. M. Costa, (2007-2011)
Steven E. Snow, (2007-2012)
Walter F. González, (2007-2013)
L. Whitney Clayton, (2008-present)
Jay E. Jensen, (2008-2012)
Donald L. Hallstrom, (2009-present)
Tad R. Callister, (2011-2014)
Craig C. Christensen, (2012-present)
Richard J. Maynes, (2012-present)
Ulisses Soares, (2013-present)
Lynn Grant Robbins, (2014-present)

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