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The Golden Plates of the Book of Mormon in simulation THE THREE WITNESSES
    The Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon are not usually (with the exception of Oliver Cowdery) included in listings of the General Authorities. Grampa Bill has included them on this site for two related reasons. First, they were called of God and blessed by Joseph Smith to call and ordain the original Twelve Apostles of the last dispensation. An argument can be made that it is against the order of God for anyone to confer authority greater than one holds. By this line of reasoning, the Three Witnesses would seem to hold (or to have held at that moment) authority equal to or greater than the Apostles.

    The second reason for their inclusion in this listing is like unto the first and is perhaps best articulated in the History of the Church: "A word, by the way, in relation to the appropriateness of the Three Witnesses choosing the Twelve. In the revelation defining the special calling of the Twelve Apostles, or special witnesses of the name of Christ to all the world; thus differing from other officers in the Church in the duties of their calling. (Doctrine and Covenants, sec cvii:23)  From this it appears that the special calling of the Twelve is to be Witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ to all the world; hence it was preeminently proper that these Twelve Witnesses should be chosen by the Three very special Witnesses... witnesses of the Book of Mormon in particular, and of God's marvelous work in General." (Bold emphasis added)

    Now, having justified (to my mind, at least) the inclusion of the Three Witnesses in this listing, it must be said that they never functioned as a governing or presiding body of the Church, nor were they ever sustained as a body as Prophets, Seers, and Revelators. If the reader disagrees with their inclusion here, he is invited to click on the "BACK" button and forget this page even exists.


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