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Seventy's Hall, Nauvoo, Illinois
Seventy's Hall, Nauvoo, Illinois
The Original Quorum of the Seventy
(Kirtland, Missouri, and Nauvoo era)

    The Seventy were restored to the Church on February 14, 1835. Originally called as a traveling council to work in the mission fields, they seem not (with the exception of their Presidents) to have functioned as General Authorities though the Lord specifically granted them  authority (when they spoke with a unanimous voice) equal to that of the First Presidency or the Twelve. Functionally, they existed as a quorum only in the earliest days of the Church. Then, as Brigham Young explained, the members of the First Quorum became the Presidents of other quorums of Seventy. Had they been needed to function as a fully functioning Quorum in governing the Church, these other presidents would have been recalled to the First Quorum until that governing function had been completed.

    It should be noted that little is known of most of these men. Some apostatized in the great apostasy of 1837-1838 or later. Others fell to the persecutions of Missouri while others made the trek west and became patriarchs of large pioneer families. But for the most part they did not become renowned Church leaders.

    Their Presidency, herein called The First Council of Seventy, who always functioned as General Authorities is listed on a separate page. This page lists only those who served in the First Quorum of the Seventy during the Kirtland, Independence, and Nauvoo eras. The First Quorum of the Seventy were reconstituted in 1976 and these later Seventy are listed on a separate page.

    These Seventy were not sustained as Prophets, Seers. and Revelators.

Elias Hutchings
Cyrus Smalling
Levi Gifford
Stephen Winchester
Roger Orton
Peter Buchannan
John D. Parker
David Elliott
Samuel Brown
Salmon Warner
Jacob Chapman
Charles Kelly
Edmund Fisher
Warren Parrish
Joseph Hancock
Alden Burdick
Hiram Winters
Harpin Riggs
Edson Barney
Joseph B. Noble
Henry Benner
David Evans
Nathan Bennett Baldwin
Burr Riggs
Lewis Robbins
Alexander Whitesides
George W. Brooks
Michael Griffith
Royal Barney
Libbeus T. Coons
Willard Snow
Jesse D. Harmon
Jesse P. Harmon
Joseph Harmon
Heman Tilton Hyde
Lorenzo D. Barnes
Hiram Blackman
William Dickinson Pratt
Zera S. Cole
Jesse Huntsman
Solomon Angell
Henry Harriman
Israel Barlow
Wilkins Jenkins Salisbury
Nelson Higgins
Harry Brown
Jezeniah B. Smith
Lorenzo Dow Booth
Alexander Badlam
Zerubbabel Snow
Hiram Stratton
Moses Martin
Lyman Smith
Harvey Stanley
Almon W. Babbitt
William F. Cahoon
Darwin Richardson
Milo Andrus
True Glidden
Henry Shibley
Harrison Burgess
Jedediah M. Grant.
Daniel Stephens
Amasa M. Lyman
George A. Smith
Wilford Woodruff (1837-1838)

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