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Seventy's Hall, Nauvoo, Illionois
Seventy's Hall, Nauvoo, Illinois

    Following is the complete text of President Kimball's explanatory remarks in the October Conference of 1976:

    "In 1941, five high priests were called to assist the Twelve Apostles in their heavy work and to fill a role similar to that envisioned by the revelations for the First Quorum of The Seventy. The scope and demands of the work at that time did not justify the reconstitution of the First Quorum of Seventy. In the intervening years, additional Assistants to the Twelve have been called and today 21 are in service.

    "Commencing a year ago, brethren other than the First Council of Seventy were called into the First Quorum of Seventy and at present there are 14 in that quorum, including the First Council.

    "Since the functions and responsibilities of the Assistants to the Twelve and the Seventy are similar and since the accelerated, worldwide growth of the Church requires a consolidation of its administrative functions at the general level, the First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve Apostles, with the concurrence of the Assistants to the Twelve and the First Quorum of Seventy, have felt inspired to call all of the Assistants to the Twelve into the First Quorum of Seventy, to call four new members into that quorum, and to restructure the First Council of Seventy.

    "You will see that these changes, which are reflected in the list of General Authorities to be read by President Tanner, bring to 39 the total number of the First Quorum of Seventy, thus providing a majority for the transaction of quorum business.

    "With this move, the three governing quorums of the Church defined by revelations, the First Presidency, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and the First Quorum of Seventy, have been set in their places as revealed by the Lord.

    "This will make it possible to handle efficiently the present heavy workload and to prepare for the increasing expansion and acceleration of the work, anticipating the day when the Lord will return to take direct charge of His Church and Kingdom."

    The Seventy are not sustained as Prophets, Seers, and Revelators.


Franklin Dewey Richards, 1976-1983)
James Edras Faust, (1976-1978)
John Thomas Fyans, (1976-1989)
Albert Theodore Tuttle, (1976-1986)
Neal Ash Maxwell, (1976-1981)
Marion Duff Hanks, (1976-1992)
Paul Harold Dunn, (1976-1989)
Alma Sonne, (1976-1977)
Sterling Welling Sill, (1976-1978)
Henry Dixon Taylor, (1976-1978)
Alvin Rulon Dyer, (1976-1977)
Theodore Moyle Burton, (1976-1989)
Bernard Park Brockbank, (1976-1980)
James Alfred Cullimore, (1976-1978)
Joseph Anderson, (1976-1978)
William Hunter Bennett, (1976-1978)
John Henry Vandenberg, (1976-1978)
Robert Leatham Simpson, (1976-1989)
Oscar Leslie Stone, (1976-1980)
William Grant Bangerter, (1976-1989)
Robert Dean Hales, (1976-1985)
Adney Yoshio Komatsu, (1976-1993)
Joseph Bitner Wirthlin, (1976-1986)
Seymour Dilworth Young, (1976-1978)
Hartman Rector Jr., (1976-1994)
Loren Charles Dunn, (1976-2000)
Rex Dee Pinegar, (1976-2001)
Gene Raymond Cook, (1975-2007)
Charles Armand Andre Didier, (1975-2009)
William Rawsel Bradford, (1975-2003)
George Patrick Lee, (1975-1989)
Carlos Egan Asay, (1976-1996)
Melvin Russell Ballard, (1976-1985)
John Holbrook Groberg, (1976-2005)
Jacob deJager, (1976-1993)
Vaughn J Featherstone, (1976-2001)
Dean LeRoy Larsen, (1976-1997)
Royden Glade Derrick, (1976-1989)
Robert Earl Wells, (1976-1997)

George Homer Durham, (1977-1985)
James Martin Paramore, (1977-1998)
Richard Gordon Scott, (1977-1988)
Hugh Wallace Pinnock, (1977-1989)
Friedrich Enzio Busche, (1977-2000)
Yoshihiko Kikuchi, (1977-2011)

Ronald Eugene Poelmam, (1978-1998)
Derek Alfred Cuthbert, (1978-1991)
Robert LeGrand Backman, (1978-1992)
Rex Cropper Reeve, Sr., (1978-1989)
Fred Burton Howard, (1978-2005)
Teddy Eugene Brewerton, (1978-1995)
Jack H. Goasland, Jr., (1978-1998)

Angel Abrea, (1981-2003)

John Kay Carmack, (1984-2001)
Russell Carl Taylor, (1984-1989)
Robert B. Harbertson, (1984-1989)
Devere Harris, (1984-1989)
Spencer Hamlin Osborn, (1984-1989)
Phillip Tadje Sonntag, (1984-1989)
John Sonnenberg, (1984-1989)
Ferrel Arthur Kay, (1984-1989)
Keith Wilson Wilcox, (1984-1989)

Victor Lee Brown, (1985-1989)
Harold Burke Peterson, (1985-1993)
John Richard Clarke, (1985-1997)
Hans Benjamin Ringger, (1985-1995)
Waldo Pratt Call, (1985-1989)
Helio da Rocha Camargo, (1985-1989)

Hans Verlan Andersen, (1986-1989)
George Ivins Cannon, (1986-1989)
Francis Marion Gibbons, (1986-1989)
Gardner Hale Russell, (1986-1989)

George Richard Hill, III, (1987-1989)
John Roger Lasater, (1987-1989)
Douglas James Martin, (1987-1989)
Alexander Baillie Morrison, (1987-1989
Lloyd Aldin Porter, (1987-1989)
Glen Larkin Rudd, (1987-1989)
Douglas Hill Smith, (1987-1989)
Lynn Andrew Sorensen, (1987-1989)

Robert Edward Sackley, (1988-1989)
Larry Lionel Kendrick, (1988-1989)
Monte James Brough, (1988-1989)
Albert Choules, Jr. (1988-1989)
Lloyd Preal George, Jr., (1988-1989)
Gerald Eldon Melchin, (1988-1989)

Joe Junior Christensen, (1989-1999)
Warren Eugene Hansen, Jr.,(1989-1998)
Jeffrey Roy Holland, (1989-1994)
Marlin Keith Jensen, (1989-2012)

Earl Carr Tingey, (1990-2008)

Monte James Brough, (1991-2007)
Harold Gordon Hillam, (1991-2005)
Larry Lionel Kendrick, (1991-2001)
Alexander Baillie Morrison, (1991-2000)
Lloyd Aldin Porter, (1991-2001)

Carlos Humberto Amado, (1992-2014)
Benjamin Berry Banks, (1992-2002)
Spencer Joel Condie, (1992-2010)
Robert Kent Dellenbach, (1992-2007)
Henry Bennion Eyring, (1992-1995)
Glenn LeRoy Pace, (1992-2010)

Floyd Melvin Hammond, (1993-2005)
Kenneth Johnson, (1993-2010)
Lynn Alvin Mickelson, (1993-2009)
Neil Linden Andersen, (1993-2009)
David Todd Christofferson, (1993-2008)

Cree-L Kofford, (1994-2003)
Dennis Bramwell Neuenschwander, (1994-2009)
Andrew Wayne Peterson, (1994-1999)
Cecil Osborn Samuelson, Jr., (1994-2011)

John Baird Dickson, (1995-2013)
Jay Edwin Jensen, (1995-2012)
David Eugene Sorensen, (1995-2005)
William Craig Zwick, (1995-present)
Merrill Joseph Bateman, (1995-2007)

Dallas Nielsen Archibald, (1996-1999)
Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf, (1996-2004)
Bruce Clark Hafen, (1996-2010)

Gary Jerome Coleman, (1997-2011)
William Rolfe Kerr, (1997-2007)
John Max Madsen, (1997-2009)
Carl Barton Pratt, (1997-2011)

Sheldon Fay Child, (1998-2008)
Quentin Lamar Cook, (1998-2007)
Francisco Jose Viñas, (1998-present)

Donald L. Hallstrom, (2000-Present)
Ronald A. Rasband, (2000-Present)
Lynn G. Robbins, (2000-Present)
Lance B. Wickman, (2000-2010)

Claudio R. M. Costa, (2001-Present)
Richard J. Maynes, (2001-Present)
L. Whitney Clayton, (2001-Present)
Christoffel Golden, Jr., 2001-present
Walter F. González, 2001-present
Steven E. Snow, 2001-present

Bruce D. Porter, 2003-present

Robert C. Oaks, 2004-2011

Benjamin De Hoyos, 2005-present
David F. Evans, 2005-present
Cecil Scott Grow, 2005-present
Richard G. Hinckley, 2005-2011
Paul Vere Johnson, 2005-present
Paul E. Koelliker, 2005-2013
Paul B. Pieper, 2005-present
Ulisses Soares, 2005-present

Kieth K. Hilbig, 2006-2012
David S. Baxter, 2006-present
Shayne M. Bowen, 2006-present
Daniel L. Johnson, 2006-present
Marcus B. Nash, 2006-present
Anthony D. Perkins, 2006-present

Enrique R. Falabella, 2007-present
Erich W. Kopischke, 2007-present
Michael J. Teh, 2007-present
Octaviano Tenorio, 2007-2012
Claudio D. Zivic, 2007-present

William R. Walker, 2008-2014
Craig C. Christensen, 2008-present
Marcos A. Aidukaitis, 2008-present
Gerald Caussé, 2008-2012
Lawrence E. Corbridge, 2008-present
Eduardo Gavarret, 2008-present
Carlos A. Godoy, 2008-present
James J. Hamula, 2008-present
Allan F. Packer, 2008-present
Kevin W. Pearson, 2008-present
Rafael E. Pino, 2008-present
Gary E. Stevenson, 2008-2012
José A. Teixeira, 2008-present
F. Michael Watson, 2008-2013
Jorge F. Zeballos, 2008-present

Mervyn B. Arnold, 2009-present
Yoon Hwan Choi, 2009-present
Brent H. Nielson, 2009-present
Dale G. Renlund, 2009-present
Michael T. Ringwood, 2009-present
Joseph Wafula Sitati, 2009-present

Kevin R. Duncan, 2010-present
Gerrit W. Gong, 2010-present
Patrick Kearon, 2010-present
Juan A. Uceda, 2010-present

Don R. Clarke, 2011-present
José L. Alonso, 2011-present
Ian S. Ardern, 2011-present
Carl B. Cook, 2011-present
LeGrand R. Curtis Jr., 2011-present
W. Christopher Waddell, 2011-present
Kazuhiko Yamashita, 2011-present

Craig A. Cardon, 2012-present
Stanley G. Ellis, 2012-present
Larry Echo Hawk, 2012-present
Robert C. Gay, 2012-present
Scott D. Whiting, 2012-present

Edward Dube, 2013-present
S. Gifford Nielsen, 2013-present
Arnulfo Valenzuela, 2013-present

Jörg Klebingat, 2014-present
Chi Hong "Sam" Wong, 2014-present

Kim B. Clark, 2015-present
Allen D. Haynie, 2015-present
Von G. Keetch, 2015-present
Hugo Montoya, 2015-present
Vern P. Stanfill, 2015-present

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