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This site is not an official web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Church is not responsible in any way for its content. Grampa Bill is an active member in good standing in the Church and believes the information contained herein is correct, but he is in nowise an authorized spokesman for the Church or any of its units, auxillaries, or properties. Grampa Bill is solely responsible for any mistakes. Those who are looking for dirt or controversy are at the wrong place. Grampa Bill holds the General Authorities in the highest regard and with the exception of the very few who have had disciplinary action taken against them, no negative material will be found herein.

The value of this site will not be in scholarly discourse or arcane esoterica. The information here is almost all readily available from standard sources. Rather, the value of this site is that it has gathered data on every General Authority of the Latter-days, more than 600 men... and on a very few whose inclusion in this august assemblage might be questioned. Without hesitation, we claim to be the most comprehensive source available on the General Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints anywhere on the world wide web!

Find any mistakes or omissions? Willing to author  more complete or accurate biographies than those herein? Able to provide some missing pictures? I'd love to hear from you. Just send me an email.

A final word on the site. This is not a commercial site, nor do I intend that it ever shall be so. The link banners below are divided into four sections. The top section links to official Church web sites. The second section links to schools, businesses, and organizations which are owned by the Church but which operate with varying degrees of direct Church control, some quite autonomous, others much less so. The third section consists of web sites operated by individuals or groups on a not-for-profit basis. Finally, the fourth section has commercial websites owned by members of the church and/or catering to the L.D.S. market. No remuneration has nor will change hands for listing these sites. Please note that I have no financial interest in any of these sites. I neither recommend nor endorse any of their services or products and cannot be held responsible for bad product, poor service, or any other bad experience you may have as a result of visiting them. If you know of a site that may be of interest to my visitors, email me and perhaps we can add your link.

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